Universal Music's AI Lawsuit & Zhipu's $341M Boost

Dive into AI's legal battles, Zhipu's massive funding round, North Korea's tech play, gaming feats, and AI factories!

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Universal Music Takes AI Firm Anthropic to Court
Zhipu Gains Staggering Support from Alibaba and Tencent
∴ North Korea Bolsters AI in Cyber Warfare Arsenal
Pok矇mon Red Meets its AI Challenger
Nvidia & Foxconn Forge 'AI Factories' Alliance
How to Edit Videos Using Wisecut AI
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. Universal Music Takes AI Firm Anthropic to Court

Universal Music Group and its allies have initiated legal action against Anthropic. The root of contention? Allegations that Anthropic's AI, Claude 2, has been circulating copyrighted lyrics without proper licensing. The rising tension underscores the critical challenge of copyright in the age of generative AI.

2. Zhipu Gains Staggering Support from Alibaba and Tencent

In the competitive AI realm, Chinese AI start-up Zhipu has pulled in a whopping $341 million in investments, with tech behemoths like Alibaba and Baidu chipping in. With intentions to parallel OpenAI's prominence, Zhipu's formidable backing underscores China's unwavering ambition in the global AI race.

3.∴ North Korea Bolsters AI in Cyber Warfare Arsenal

The international corporate world, beware! North Korea is allegedly infusing AI into its cyber warfare tactics. This potentially game-changing move elevates the urgency for businesses to bolster cybersecurity protocols. Timely insights, such as Microsoft's reports, are crucial for digital safeguarding.

4. Pok矇mon Red Meets its AI Challenger

Harnessing the power of reinforcement learning, a software engineer has empowered an AI to game its way through Pok矇mon Red. After a whopping 50,000 hours, this AI's progress in the game offers a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of AI's future in the gaming ecosystem.

5. Nvidia & Foxconn Forge 'AI Factories' Alliance

Teaming up to redefine the future, Nvidia and Foxconn are on a mission to establish state-of-the-art "AI factories." With a vision to drive innovations like robotics and self-driving vehicles, this partnership not only heralds a tech evolution but also underscores the strategic shifts in the global tech industry.

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How to Edit Videos Using Wisecut AI:

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  4. Add Captions (Optional): Enable captions if needed. Note that you can edit them later for accuracy.

  5. Create Your Project: Give your project a name and select the language spoken in your video. Click "Create Project" to start processing.

  6. Review Wisecut Edits: Wisecut will automatically process your video by removing silences, making cuts, adding subtitles, music, and more. Review the summary of edits.

  7. Fine-Tune Your Video: Click "Edit" to access the storyboard area. Restore deleted scenes, trim, adjust volumes, or edit subtitles. You can also split or duplicate scenes.

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  9. Adjust Overlay and Settings: Modify overlay position and settings as desired.

  10. Preview and Render: Click "Render" to preview your video. Once satisfied, go to the "Preview and Export" tab and click "Export" to download your edited video. Optionally, download subtitles.

  11. Remove Watermark (Premium): If you want to remove the watermark, consider upgrading to a premium plan.

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