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🌟 Battling Deep Fakes for Democracy
💡 Sam Altman's Ambitious AI Blueprint
🔐 Exclusive Web3 Insights with CryptoSlate
👾 SoftBank's Audacious AI Chip Quest
🎬️ OpenAI's Video Revolution Sparks Crypto Surge
📚 How To Create Custom 3D Kids Animations
🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
🪄 Prompt of the Day

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1.🌟 Battling Deep Fakes for Democracy

Tech giants are rallying to fight AI-generated misinformation as elections loom, underscoring a shared dedication to safeguard democracy and the urgent need for businesses to adapt to tighter content verification standards, ensuring transparency and fostering trust.

2.💡 Sam Altman's Ambitious AI Blueprint

Sam Altman's $7 trillion plan for OpenAI’s AI chips might reshape the tech landscape, signaling a future where expansive AI infrastructures demand careful consideration from enterprises regarding resources, scalability, and the integration of green technology.

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3.🔐 Exclusive Web3 Insights with CryptoSlate

CryptoSlate’s invitation to the future of finance blends AI and crypto, offering distinct insights for navigating web3 and capitalizing on AI’s transformative role in both creativity and strategic market positioning amidst the evolving digital economy.

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4.👾 SoftBank's Audacious AI Chip Quest

Masayoshi Son eyes a technological coup, spearheading Project Izanagi to challenge Nvidia in the AI chip domain, with the potential to accelerate the advent of AGI and shaking up current market dynamics—a scenario savvy business leaders should monitor closely.

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5.🎬️ OpenAI's Video Revolution Sparks Crypto Surge

OpenAI's Sora ignites a crypto boom by enabling vivid videos from mere text, highlighting opportunities in AI-driven content creation and the critical role of robust computational infrastructures—a vanguard for business innovation and marketing strategies.

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📚 How To

How To Create Custom 3D Kids Animations:

  1. Download Create Studio Pro: Install Create Studio Pro, the software used for creating 3D animations.

  2. Choose a Template or Start From Scratch: Use pre-designed templates or start a new project to create custom scenes.

  3. Customize 3D Characters: Use the 3D Creator feature to select base characters and customize clothing, facial features, and accessories.

  4. Save Custom Characters as Presets: Right-click on the characters you customize and save them as presets for future use.

  5. Create and Edit Scenes: Import backgrounds, add characters, and craft scenes by placing your characters into these environments.

  6. Add Voiceovers and Sync Lip Movements: Record or import voiceovers and sync them with characters’ lip movements for talking animations.

  7. Animate Characters: Select actions from the library to animate your characters, such as waving, jumping, or expressing emotions.

  8. Add Music and Sound Effects: Incorporate engaging music tracks and sound effects to enhance the animation.

  9. Implement Camera Effects: Use the camera tool to pan, zoom, and create dynamic camera movements within your scenes.

  10. Finalize Your Animation: Review your animated scenes, make final adjustments, and ensure a smooth, cohesive final product.

  11. Export and Share on Youtube: Export your final animation output in the desired format and upload it to your YouTube channel.

🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI

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Enhance your employees' skills with this AI learning platform that creates engaging quizzes, polls, and in-depth courses. Boost your team's performance and knowledge sharing with Sana’s fast, admin-automated learning system.

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🪄 Prompt of the Day

Instant SWOT Analysis:

Conduct a SWOT analysis for [product/service/brand] and give me a detailed overview of Risk assessment and competitive positioning.

Product = Home Security Camera

You should get an answer similar to this:

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