🤖 OpenAI's GPT Store Launch & YouTube's AI-Powered Engagement Tools

Experience OpenAI’s groundbreaking GPT marketplace and Amazon's ambitious "Olympus" project transforming the AI arena.

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🌟 OpenAI’s Marketplace Revolution at DevDay
💬 YouTube's Generative AI: Elevating Video Interaction
🛡️ Meta's Stand on AI Integrity in Advertising
💰 IBM’s Hefty Bet on AI's Future
🏛️ Amazon’s "Olympus": Ascending to AI’s Pantheon
📚 How to Create Consistent Characters in ChatGPT's DALL·E3 Using Seed ID
🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
🪄 Prompt of the Day

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🗞️ Hottest News

1.🌟 OpenAI’s Marketplace Revolution at DevDay

OpenAI unveiled their GPT store and a new user-friendly platform for ChatGPT custom creations during DevDay, heralding a new era of accessible AI innovation and rewarding creator participation.

2.💬 YouTube's Generative AI: Elevating Video Interaction

YouTube premieres generative AI tools for Premium users, including a savvy comment summarizer and a conversational AI, enhancing the viewer's experience with smart, context-aware insights.

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3.🛡️ Meta's Stand on AI Integrity in Advertising

Meta mandates transparency for AI-influenced ads by 2024, setting a new standard in advertising ethics, in a decisive move to combat deceptive deepfake content.

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4.💰 IBM’s Hefty Bet on AI's Future

IBM has launched a massive $500 million venture fund focused on the genesis and growth of AI startups, promising a new chapter of innovation and collaboration.

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5.🏛️ Amazon’s "Olympus": Ascending to AI’s Pantheon

With "Olympus," Amazon is charting a bold course towards artificial general intelligence, spearheaded by Alexa’s former lead, aiming to redefine the AI landscape.

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📚 How To

How to Create Consistent Characters in ChatGPT's DALL·E3 Using Seed ID:

  1. Introduction to Seed ID: Understand that Seed IDs are a new feature in ChatGPT's DALL·E3 that allows you to create consistent characters across different prompts.

  2. Accessing an Existing Chat: If you have an existing chat in DALL·E3 where you want to create consistent characters, open it.

  3. View Existing Seed ID: In your existing chat, check the Seed ID of the previously generated images. Note that without Seed ID, the same image may have different Seed ID’s.

  4. Generate a Unique Seed ID: To obtain a unique Seed ID for your current chat, ask DALL·E3 to generate it. For example, prompt DALL·E3 with "What is the Seed ID?"

  5. Copying the Seed ID: Once you have the unique Seed ID, you can copy it from the response provided by DALL·E3.

  6. Using Seed ID for Consistency: Now, with the unique Seed ID, you can create consistent characters using different prompts by including the Seed ID in the prompt.

  7. Creating Consistent Characters: Craft a prompt that specifies the Seed ID and the character details you want to maintain. For example, "Using Seed ID 12345, create an image of a person folding an origami."

  8. Analyzing the Generated Image: Check the image generated using the Seed ID for consistency with the character you intend to create. You may need to refine your prompt for better results.

  9. Editing Prompts for Context: Remember that DALL·E3 takes context from previous prompts. If you want to maintain consistency, you can edit the prompts in your chat to ensure they align with your desired character.

  10. Expanding Character Variations: You can use the same Seed ID to create variations of the character by modifying prompts. For example, change the character's hair color or add accessories.

  11. Reusing the Seed ID: Continue using the same Seed ID to maintain character consistency across different prompts and settings.

  12. Iterate for Best Results: Experiment with prompts and Seed IDs to achieve the level of character consistency you desire. Keep refining until you get the desired results.

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Answer Misconceptions with Facts:

Generate a list of common misconceptions about [product/service] and the facts to dispel them.

Product = [Insert here]

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