OpenAI's Billion-Dollar Path & Snapchat's AI Dreams

Discover how OpenAI aims for a billion-dollar splash and why Snapchat is diving into AI selfies. Your weekly scoop on must-know AI news is here!

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OpenAI Aims for the Billion-Dollar Club
Snapchat's AI Selfie Feature Dreams
伐 Google's A3 GPU Supercomputer
OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Enterprise for Secure and Scalable AI Chatbots
Yahoo Mail Revives With AI Features
How To Generate AI Art For Beginners without Midjourney
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. OpenAI Aims for the Billion-Dollar Club

OpenAI, with significant backing from Microsoft, is predicted to pull in a jaw-dropping $1 billion in the coming 12 months. Previously making $28 million per year, they now boast $80 million per month, largely from AI software sales, computing capacity, and API access. Microsoft's $10 billion investment in OpenAI is clearly paying off.

2. Snapchat's AI Selfie Feature Dreams

Snapchat is wooing selfie lovers with its new feature called 'Dreams.' Nestled in the Memories section, this AI-generated selfie gallery lets users play with themed packs. While the first pack is free, additional packs come at a price. Snapchat aims to provide a fun and interactive experience for its burgeoning community.

3.伐 Google's A3 GPU Supercomputer

Google Cloud is set to unleash its new A3 GPU machines, underpinned by Nvidia's H100 GPUs and Google's custom-designed IPUs. Designed to serve demanding AI and language models, the A3 provides 10x more network bandwidth than its predecessors. It is slated to be launched next month.

4. OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Enterprise for Secure and Scalable AI Chatbots

OpenAI has rolled out an enterprise-friendly version of ChatGPT. This version is brimming with enhanced security features and promises to catalyze creativity and problem-solving across companies. OpenAI has big plans for adding more capabilities to this business-centric AI tool.

5. Yahoo Mail Revives With AI Features

Yahoo Mail is staging a comeback, enriched with AI capabilities. New features include a Shopping Saver, writing assistant, and message summary. With its eye on modern utility and time-saving, Yahoo Mail is powered by Google Cloud's AI platform and aims to remain relevant in the fast-evolving email landscape.

How To

How To Generate AI Art For Beginners without Midjourney:

  1. Access Official Website: Go to

  2. Download AI Video Converter: Download the latest version of HitPaw AI Video Converter, available for both Windows and Mac.

  3. Install and Open: Install the software and open it.

  4. Access Toolbox: Click on the "Toolbox" button to explore AI tools.

  5. AI Art Generator: Choose "AI Art Generator" from the toolbox.

  6. Familiarize with Interface: Understand the interface - image upload, size settings, artistic styles, and prompt bar.

  7. Text to Image: Use the "Text to Image" function. Enter text in the prompt bar, select an artistic style, and click "Generate."

  8. Image to Image: Try "Image to Image" feature. Upload a source image, choose ratio and style, then click "Generate."

  9. Background Remover: Use "Background Remover" option. Select the image you want to remove the background from.

  10. Customize Background: Replace the background color or upload a custom one.

  11. Export Result: After removing the background, click "Export" to save your image.

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