Nvidia's Trillion-Dollar Triumph & AI's Wearable Revolution

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The Future of Wearable Tech: Humane's Ai Pin
Nvidia's Milestone: Hitting $1 Trillion Market Cap
Real-Time AI in Supply Chains: Altana and Dataminr's Alliance
Nvidia's Strategy for the Chinese Market Amid Restrictions
France Leads AI Safety Summit: Steering Global AI Leadership
How To Create FPV-Like Videos with Your Phone
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. The Future of Wearable Tech: Humane's Ai Pin

Humane introduces the Ai Pin, a $700 wearable device offering smartphone-like functionalities, aimed at enhancing moment-to-moment living through taps, hand gestures, and voice commands.

2. Nvidia's Milestone: Hitting $1 Trillion Market Cap

Nvidia, under CEO Jensen Huang, reaches a trillion-dollar valuation, showcasing resilience and adaptability in the semiconductor industry amidst challenges like U.S. restrictions on AI chip sales to China.

3. Real-Time AI in Supply Chains: Altana and Dataminr's Alliance

Altana teams up with Dataminr, integrating AI for instant global event monitoring, enhancing supply chain resilience and risk management with real-time insights.

4. Nvidia's Strategy for the Chinese Market Amid Restrictions

Nvidia devises a workaround to serve the Chinese market by developing compliant chips, navigating U.S. export restrictions while maintaining its $5 billion Chinese customer base.

5. France Leads AI Safety Summit: Steering Global AI Leadership

ExFrance steps up in AI leadership, hosting the next AI safety summit and committing $530 million towards international AI initiatives, emphasizing the need for global AI collaboration and regulation.

How To

How To Create FPV-Like Videos with Your Phone:

  1. Choose the Right App: If you're using an iPhone, use the dedicated Luma AI app for better real-time guidelines. Android users can upload their videos directly to Luma from their browser.

  2. Camera Settings: Adjust your phone's camera settings. Shoot in 4K, disable HDR, and turn off video stabilization. Choose a suitable focal length (wide or normal).

  3. Record Different Heights: Capture a single video in three loops from different heights: chest level looking straight ahead, above your head pointing down, and knee level pointing upwards.

  4. Upload to Luma Labs: Create an account on lumalabs.ai, upload your video, and give the project a name. Wait for it to process.

  5. Edit in Luma Labs: Access the browser-based editor. Switch to the first-person view. Use preset trajectories like "orbit" or "oscillate," or create a custom animation with keyframes.

  6. Adjust Camera Settings: Click "Edit" to modify camera settings and movement. Use the motion tab for orbit mode to move the camera.

  7. Add Keyframes: Create keyframes to animate the camera over time. Adjust camera settings, roll, and focal length between keyframes to make motion dynamic.

  8. Fill Unseen Areas: Fill areas not captured during recording with a solid background color. Change video resolution before exporting if needed.

  9. Rotate Vertical Videos: If necessary, rotate vertical videos in your editing software. Import the video, change sequence settings to 1080x1920, and adjust rotation.

  10. Enhance Quality: Consider adding motion blur using plugins like RSMB for a more realistic look.

  11. Using a Drone (Optional): If you have a drone, manually orbit around the subject and record in 4K for higher quality. Upscale the video using AI tools if needed.

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Analyze and Improve Your Business with AARRR Framework:

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Still, after it analyzes your URLs, you might need to describe your businesss current status in some of the metrics. Using Bing requires ChatGPT Plus.

You're expert in business analysis and AARRR strategy. Analyze the given "Business", operating in the "Industry" sector, through the lens of the AARRR framework (acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue). Consider the business's current strategies, market positioning, and customer engagement in your analysis. Propose actionable improvements for each aspect of the AARRR framework to help the business grow and optimize its operations.

Business = [Describe your business]

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Make sure to give enough context for ChatGPT about your business in each aspect of the AARRR framework.

You can also provide your brands URLs instead of describing your business in the prompt. In some cases, you might need to provide further context regardless.

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