Nvidia's Record Profits & Hugging Face Valued at $4.5B

Unveil the secrets behind Nvidia's $6B profits and Hugging Face's sky-high $4.5B valuation. Join us for an AI news ride you won't forget.

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Nvidia's Skyrocketing Profits: All Thanks to AI
Hugging Face's Valuation Soars to $4.5B with Heavyweight Backing
伐 Code Llama: Your AI Coding Companion
Fine-Tuning GPT-3.5 with Scale AI's Touch
Web Giants Turn Their Back on OpenAIs GPTBot
How to Use an AI Search Engine for Scientific Research
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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1. Nvidia's Skyrocketing Profits: All Thanks to AI

Nvidia raked in an eye-popping $13.5 billion in revenue, predominantly riding the AI wave with their generative chips. Doubling their data center revenue in a single quarter, the tech behemoth boasts a staggering 843% profit increase year-over-year. It's a clear signal that Nvidia is the undisputed kingpin in the AI hardware market.

2. Hugging Face's Valuation Soars to $4.5B with Heavyweight Backing

With a herd of tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Nvidia grazing in its investment pasture, AI startup Hugging Face's valuation has skyrocketed to $4.5 billion. Initially a chatbot app, the startup now serves as a collaborative platform for AI developers, hosting everything from language models to image generators.

3. 伐 Code Llama: Your AI Coding Companion

Meet Code Llama, an AI tool designed to streamline developer workflows. Providing functionalities like code generation, debugging, and even intelligent code discussion, this open-source tool promises to be a mainstay for software engineers across sectors.

4. Fine-Tuning GPT-3.5 with Scale AI's Touch

OpenAI has partnered with Scale AI to facilitate the fine-tuning of its text-generating model, GPT-3.5. This collaboration equips developers with the tools they need to tailor AI models to their unique business requirements.

5. Web Giants Turn Their Back on OpenAIs GPTBot

Major platforms like Amazon and the New York Times are blocking OpenAI's web crawler, GPTBot. Concerns around data ownership and copyright infringement are at the forefront of this trend, igniting debates around the ethics of AI training sets.

How To

How to Use an AI Search Engine for Scientific Research:

  1. Head over to Consensus.app: This tool should be in your AI toolkit! Consensus is an AI-powered research paper search engine for precise and authentic results. Link to the app

  2. Research Queries: Pose questions about concepts or effects. Examples: "Effective feedback methods for the workplace", or What are the benefits of mindfulness practices in the workplace?"

  3. Account Creation: Eventually, you will be prompted to sign up. You can use a Google or Facebook account.

  4. AI-Powered Synthesis: By enabling the Synthesize toggle to the left, you can ask questions you think several papers have studied, like, "Does lighting affect work performance?"

  5. Results and Summaries: Explore extracted summaries from research papers. Click on the papers for detailed insights.

  6. Consensus Meter: Evaluate the credibility of sources with the Consensus Meter rating.

  7. Topic Variety: Search across diverse topics, from social policy to medicine.

  8. Rigor Rating: Understand the rigor of journals with the provided ratings and explanations.

  9. Feedback and Improvement: Provide feedback to help improve the tool's accuracy and usability.

  10. Blog Resources: Explore Consensus AI's blog for informative articles and insights.

  11. Cautions: Make sure to dig into the details of the research paper to interpret the research. Rely on the tool as a starting point; consult original papers and trusted sources for critical decisions.

  12. Conclusion: Utilize Consensus AI to efficiently access genuine research findings across various domains.

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