Nvidia Triumphs and AI Skills Surge Ahead

Discover Nvidia's market win, AI literacy's workforce impact, and the latest AI chatbot advancements in our insightful roundup.

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Nvidia's $2 Trillion AI Mastery
儭 UK's AI Upskilling Imperative
US Tightens Grip on AI Exports
Generative AI's Business Odyssey
Anthropic's Chatbot Leap Forward
How To Convert Text to Speech Using AI
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. Nvidia's $2 Trillion AI Mastery

Nvidia cements its lead in AI chips, hitting a $2 trillion market cap, outpacing rivals with its GPU tech and CUDA ecosystem. Despite China's market curbs, the AI boom's demands keep Nvidia's growth robust.

2.儭 UK's AI Upskilling Imperative

LinkedIn's report shows a stark AI literacy gap, with only 44% of UK firms investing in AI upskilling. Businesses must embrace continuous learning to unlock AI's potential and attract top talent.

3. US Tightens Grip on AI Exports

The US halts AMD's AI chip sales to China, escalating tech export controls. Amidst geopolitical tensions, tech leaders grapple with the new landscape, while marketers eye supply chain shifts.

4. Generative AI's Business Odyssey

Only 9% of companies harness generative AI's full potential due to data and IT hurdles. With plans to double AI integration, leaders must overcome skills gaps and invest in infrastructure.

5. Anthropic's Chatbot Leap Forward

Anthropic challenges AI chatbot norms with Claude 3, promising human-like understanding and safety. Businesses can leverage its capabilities for enhanced customer engagement and analytics.

How To

How To Convert Text to Speech Using AI:

  1. Explore AI Tools: Discover AI tools like Eleven Labs and Play HT, which can convert text into realistic speech.

  2. Sign Up: Visit the website of the chosen tool and sign up using your Google account to access the features.

  3. Choose Text-to-Speech Option: Select the option to convert text into speech on the tool's interface.

  4. Select Voice: Choose from various AI voices available on the platform. Listen to different options and select the one that suits your preference.

  5. Adjust Voice Settings: Optionally, adjust settings like speed, emotion, or accent of the selected voice.

  6. Enter Text: Input the text you want to convert into speech. Most tools allow up to a certain number of characters.

  7. Generate Speech: Click on the "generate" or similar button to convert the entered text into speech.

  8. Review and Edit: Listen to the generated speech. If satisfied, proceed; if not, consider regenerating it or adjusting settings.

  9. Download: Once satisfied with the speech, download the audio file to your device.

  10. Explore Multilingual Options: If you need speech in a different language, simply enter text in that language and choose a corresponding AI voice.

  11. Record and Convert Your Voice: Alternatively, you can record your voice directly or upload a recorded audio file to convert it into AI speech.

  12. Customize AI Voice: Some tools allow customization of AI voices, including gender, age, accent, and more. Experiment with settings to create a personalized AI voice.

  13. Clone Your Voice: Utilize the feature to clone your own voice. Upload a sample audio recording, configure settings, and generate a cloned AI voice.

  14. Download and Share: After generating the desired speech, download the audio file and share it as needed.

  15. Consider Premium Plans: Evaluate premium plans of the AI tools for additional features, such as increased character limits or advanced customization options.

  16. Explore Language Options: Experiment with different languages supported by the tool to generate speech in various languages.

  17. Follow Usage Limits: Be mindful of usage limits, such as the number of characters or downloads allowed in the free version of the tool.

  18. Upgrade if Necessary: If you require more features or exceed usage limits, consider upgrading to a premium plan for enhanced capabilities.

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