🤖 Nvidia Soars & Groundbreaking AI Proteins Discovery

Discover Nvidia's triumph and AI's potential in reshaping protein research—plus, AI regulation insights!

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📈 Nvidia Eclipses Tech Giants
🧬 AI Reimagines Protein Functions
🌐 Altman's Call for AI Supervision
🚀 EU Sets AI Act Milestone
💬 Chatbots Breaking Conversation Barriers
📚 How to Make Whiteboard Animation Video
🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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🗞️ Hottest News

1.📈 Nvidia Eclipses Tech Giants

Nvidia's AI chip demand has skyrocketed the company's market value, overshadowing even Amazon and setting sights on Alphabet. Their dominance in the high-end chip market has propelled stock valuations, heralding a new era for AI-centric investments within the tech landscape.

2.🧬 AI Reimagines Protein Functions

KAUST's revolutionary AI tool DeepGO-SE outstrips traditional methods to predict protein functions, even without dataset precedent. By utilizing logic akin to ChatGPT, this tool opens new doors for drug discovery and biotechnological innovation, marking a significant milestone in molecular prediction.

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3.🌐 Altman's Call for AI Supervision

At the World Governments Summit, Altman from OpenAI has spotlighted the urgency for an international regulatory framework to safeguard against the subtle and systemic risks of AI advancement. His advocacy underscores the complex balance of innovation and societal alignment in the burgeoning AI landscape.

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4.🚀 EU Sets AI Act Milestone

The European Union has taken a pivotal step with the AI Act, setting the stage for the world's premier legislation on artificial intelligence. This act aims to foster innovation while ensuring AI upholds fundamental rights and safety, creating a new compliance terrain for industries and offering a concrete framework to navigate future AI developments.

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5.💬 Chatbots Breaking Conversation Barriers

MIT has unveiled StreamingLLM, allowing AI chatbots like ChatGPT to engage in lengthy dialogues without a hitch. This advance addresses historical limitations, making the extended AI interaction smoother and more practical for professional environments where continuity is key.

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📚 How To

How to Make Whiteboard Animation Video:

  1. Sign up on Canva: Go to Canva's website and choose to sign up with your email or social account. If you already have an account, simply log in.

  2. Create a New Design: Once logged in, click on 'Create a Design' and choose 'Custom Size'. Enter 1920x1080 pixels for full HD and click 'Create new design'.

  3. Conceptualize Your Idea: Decide on the theme of your whiteboard animation - for instance, 'fruit introduction for kids'.

  4. Add Text: From the 'Text' tab, add headings and relevant details. For example, 'A for Apple'.

  5. Insert Images: Go to 'Elements' and search for sketches relevant to your content, such as 'sketch Apple'. Customize size and position accordingly.

  6. Duplicate Design: Click on the 'Duplicate' icon to create a new page and change the content appropriately, continuing the series (e.g., 'B for Banana').

  7. Download Images: After completing the design for each alphabet, download the designs in PNG format by clicking on the 'Share' button.

  8. Create Whiteboard Animation: In Canva, go back and select 'Create new design' > 'Video'. Then navigate to 'Apps' tab and search for 'Speed paint'.

  9. Upload Images for Animation: Within the Speed paint tool, upload your PNG files and adjust the settings (FPS, sketch duration, and background color) as required.

  10. Animate Images: After configuring settings, click 'Animate Image'. Repeat this process for each PNG file you wish to include in your animation.

  11. Set Background and Edit Video: For each animation, select 'Set as background' to fullscreen the video, and adjust the duration as needed.

  12. Download Final Video: Once all animations are created, click 'Share', choose 'Download', and save your whiteboard animation as an MP4 file.

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