Microsoft's Bold AI Moves & SoftBank's Chip Venture

Discover Microsoft's AI leaps, SoftBank's $100B chip plan, and AI strategies for your business.

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Microsoft's Server Surge
Microsoft's Spanish AI Bet
SoftBank's $100B AI Ambition
Wipro and IBM's AI Synergy
儭 AI Maturity Model Unveiled
How-To Convert Images to Cartoon, Anime or 3D Animation Style
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. Microsoft's Server Surge

Microsoft is supercharging its server technology with state-of-the-art network cards, enhancing AI chip performance, and paving the way for their next-gen Maia AI chips. This could disrupt market reliance on current solutions and empower businesses with more efficient, cost-effective options.

2. Microsoft's Spanish AI Bet

In a bold move, Microsoft is channeling $2.1 billion into Spain's AI infrastructure, supporting digital transformation and security. This aligns with their German investment and interest in robotics with Figure AI, underscoring a significant pivot towards AI-driven innovation.

3. SoftBank's $100B AI Ambition

SoftBank's new venture, Izanagi, backed by a whopping $100 billion, aims to challenge the AI chip status quo. By reinforcing ARM's AI semiconductor prowess, SoftBank could redefine the AI hardware arena and propel us into a new era of technological innovation.

4. Wipro and IBM's AI Synergy

In a landmark collaboration, Wipro harnesses IBM's Watson AI to deliver an "Enterprise AI-Ready Platform," targeting key industries with customized AI tools and governance. This partnership signals a significant leap forward in AI integration for business transformation.

5.儭 AI Maturity Model Unveiled

The Responsible AI Institute's new "Maturity Model" provides a vital framework for businesses to navigate the emergent AI regulatory landscape. By embedding responsible AI practices, companies can ensure sustainable and ethical AI deployment as an integral part of business strategy.

How To

How-To Convert Images to Cartoon, Anime or 3D Animation Style:

  1. Sign Up and Navigate to Stylar AI: Go to the Stylar AI website from the provided link, sign up using your Google account or email, and explore the available styles like illustration, cartoon, anime, etc. Each account starts with 200 credits, which refresh every 7 days.

  2. Start a New Project and Upload Image: Begin a new project, name it, and select your preferred canvas dimensions. Import the image you want to transform into the canvas. Click on "Image to Image" and choose the desired style category (e.g., cartoon, anime, 3D animation). Enter a prompt either manually or let the AI generate one automatically.

  3. Select Style and Adjust Settings: Choose the specific style you want to apply to the image. Adjust settings like structure match to control how closely the generated image matches the input. Increase style intensity for a more pronounced effect.

  4. Generate Images: Click on the "Stylize" button to start the processing. The AI will generate multiple images based on the selected style. If you're not satisfied, you can click the button again for more options.

  5. Save Selected Images: Choose the images you like from the generated options. Click on the "Place on Canvas" button to arrange them as layers. To save the images, click on the export button. Select the desired file type (PNG or JPG) and size (1X, 2X, or 3X), then export all layers.

  6. Text to Image AI: Select the project name and aspect ratio. Click on "Text to Image" and choose the style category. Paste your prompt into the prompt bar and click "Stylize" to generate images based on the text.

  7. Add Objects to Images: Use generative AI to add objects to images. Click the "Insert" button, mark the place for the object with a brush, enter a prompt, and click "Generate." Select the desired object and click "Put on Canvas."

  8. Download Images: Select all layers and click the export button. Choose the file type and size, then export all layers. Download the images and enjoy your transformed creations.

妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI

AI tools to Create Visually Stunning Marketing Materials: Streamline your design processes, ignite your creativity, and produce captivating visuals with these tools. Ideal for marketers aiming for visually stunning materials!

This AI design tool is specifically designed for branded content and product photography. It enables users to quickly create visuals with just a few clicks using a drag-and-drop interface, scene construction, and smart prompt recommendations.

Piktochart is an AI-powered tool that can help create infographics, presentations, and reports quickly and easily, with customizable templates and design elements.

This tool can create logos, videos, banners, and mockups with AI in just a few minutes, making it easy to produce high-quality visuals quickly without any design experience.

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