🤖 Microsoft Unveils Copilot & YouTube's AI Creativity Boost

Discover Microsoft’s AI companion Copilot & YouTube’s AI-driven creative revolution! Stay ahead with MyZone AI’s latest insights.

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🤖 Microsoft Introduces Copilot
🎥 YouTube’s Creative Revolution
☁️ Salesforce Acquires Airkit.ai
🔊 Amazon's Alexa Transforms into a 'Super Agent'
💰 Writer Secures $100M, Pioneering Generative AI for Enterprises
📚 How To Remove Video Backgrounds with AI
🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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🗞️ Hottest News

1.🤖 Microsoft Introduces Copilot

Microsoft unveils Copilot, a versatile AI companion designed to enhance user experience across its products and services. With its integration in Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and web browsers, Copilot promises to revolutionize interaction through its smart, natural language responses.

2.🎥 YouTube’s Creative Revolution

YouTube is redefining creative boundaries with its innovative features, including AI-driven backgrounds and a plethora of editing tools. With a commitment to nurturing creativity, YouTube’s new offerings are set to unlock unprecedented avenues for creators worldwide.

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3. ☁️ Salesforce Acquires Airkit.ai

Salesforce fortifies its AI capabilities with the acquisition of Airkit.ai, marking a significant stride towards AI-enhanced customer experiences across Service, Sales, Marketing, and Commerce. This move is a testament to Salesforce’s vision of the future of customer engagement.

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4.🔊 Amazon's Alexa Transforms into a 'Super Agent'

The brains behind Amazon’s Alexa, Rohit Prasad, unveils the transformation of Alexa into a ‘super agent’. This generative AI integrates with a myriad of devices and services, exemplifying real-world utility and addressing prevailing privacy concerns.

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5.💰 Writer Secures $100M, Pioneering Generative AI for Enterprises

Writer hits a milestone with a $100 million Series B funding, paving the way for enterprise-centric generative AI solutions. With plans for industry-specific AI agents and global expansion, Writer’s trajectory is one to watch.

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📚 How To

How To Remove Video Backgrounds with AI:

  1. Go to Unscreen.com, the platform that allows you to remove video backgrounds without a green screen.

  2. Upload Your Video: Click the "Upload Video" button to select the video you want to edit.

  3. Choose Your Background Removal Option: Unscreen.com offers both free and paid options. The free option allows you to process five-second clips. The paid Pro option offers full HD resolution, full-length clips, no watermarks, video file download, API access, and audio support.

  4. Select Processing and Wait: Choose the processing option that suits your needs (free or Pro). If using the Pro option, you may need to make a payment. Wait for the video to finish processing.

  5. Preview Your Video: Examine the preview frames to ensure the background removal was successful.

  6. Choose Output Format: Select the output format for your video, such as MP4 for YouTube and social media.

  7. Select a Background (if required): Note that Unscreen.com may require you to choose a background for your video before exporting it. If you have video editing software, you can choose the "Pro Bundle" option and edit the video yourself later. Alternatively, you can export the video as a GIF using the free version.

  8. Download Your Video: Click the "Download" button to save your background-removed video to your device.

  9. Check the Result: Review the downloaded video to ensure the background has been successfully removed. Note that audio may need realignment and editing for the best results.

  10. Consider a Green Screen: If you frequently need background removal, consider investing in a green screen setup for more precise and professional results.

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