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  • Lenovo and NVIDIA's AI Enterprise Drive & YouTube Music's Artistic AI Twist!

Lenovo and NVIDIA's AI Enterprise Drive & YouTube Music's Artistic AI Twist!

Discover Lenovo's collaboration with NVIDIA, YouTube Music's AI art feature, & more AI updates!

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Lenovo Joins Hands with NVIDIA for Enterprise AI Solutions
YouTube Music's AI-Powered Playlist Art Creation
More Control over Google Photos' AI Videos
Microsoft's $3.2B AI Boost for Australia
Instagram Experiments: From Photo Stickers to Comment Polls
How to Create a Comic Book With AI
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. Lenovo Joins Hands with NVIDIA for Enterprise AI Solutions

Lenovo collaborates with NVIDIA, merging their expertise to provide enterprises with tailor-made AI applications. This partnership emphasizes AI's transformative power, with a spotlight on hybrid cloud solutions and state-of-the-art systems like the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3 server.

2. YouTube Music's AI-Powered Playlist Art Creation

Channel your inner artist! YouTube Music now empowers users to craft their own playlist cover art with the magic touch of AI. This innovative feature, presently exclusive to English speakers in the US, promises to redefine music experience.

3. More Control over Google Photos' AI Videos

Good news for Google Photos users! The platform is enhancing its AI-generated video highlights, granting users more creative control. From tag-based video prompts to editing music, this update aims to elevate personalization.

4. Microsoft's $3.2B AI Boost for Australia

In a significant move, Microsoft commits $3.2 billion to bolster Australia's tech infrastructure, spotlighting AI and cybersecurity. This marks their largest investment down under in four decades, signaling a strong faith in Australia's digital future.

5. Instagram Experiments: From Photo Stickers to Comment Polls

Instagram spices things up! A new sticker creation tool is in the works, transforming users' photos into dynamic stickers for Reels and Stories. Additionally, Instagram is toying with an interactive polling feature in the comments section, making engagements even more lively.

How To

How to Create a Comic Book With AI:

  1. Prepare the Story: Begin with a compelling story concept. If needed, use AI like ChatGPT to generate a story idea. Define characters, their personalities, and the plot.

  2. Access ChatGPT: Open a web browser and visit ChatGPT 

  3. Generate Story: In ChatGPT, provide a detailed prompt such as "I want to create a comic book. I want your assistance. Please write comic strips about two friends' adventures." ChatGPT will generate a story with visual suggestions.

  4. Access Comic Maker AI: Open a web browser and visit Comicsmaker and create an account.

  5. Start a Comic Project: Click on "Get Started" and choose a page size and font style. Create a new comic project.

  6. Generate Characters: Create characters by entering their details and personality traits. Use ChatGPT's character descriptions as prompts for character creation.

  7. Create Scenes: Generate scenes by providing prompts and visual suggestions from ChatGPT. Match characters to the scenes for context.

  8. Design Panels: Design panels for each strip or page. Customize panel size and placement of characters within them.

  9. Add Narration and Dialogue: Use text boxes to add narration and character dialogues to the panels. Adjust text size and color as needed.

  10. Arrange Strips: Organize the panels into comic strips or pages. Ensure they follow the story's sequence.

  11. Publish or Export: After creating all strips/pages, you can publish your comic on the AI platform's community (if available) or export it as a PDF or image files.

  12. Review and Edit: Review your comic for consistency and visual appeal. Edit if necessary.

  13. Share Your Comic: Share your AI-created comic with others or keep it for personal use.

  14. Further Refinement: For a more professional comic, invest additional time and effort in panel layout, character design, and text formatting.

  15. Enjoy Your Comic: Your AI-generated comic is ready to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

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Prompt of the Day

SCR Marketing Framework:

Create a marketing campaign outline that focuses on 'Situation-Complication-Resolution framework for [Product].

Product = [Insert here]

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