🤖 Google’s Text-to-Image Breakthrough & OpenAI's $1.3B Revenue Surge!

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🖼️ Google Launches AI Text-to-Image Tool in Search
🧠 OpenAI Realigns its Vision with a Strong Focus on AGI
⚖️ Google Shields Generative AI Users from IP Worries
💰 OpenAI's Stellar Revenue Growth Dominates the AI Market
🚦 Google Tackles Traffic Woes with Project Green Light
📚 How to Create Videos from Images using AI
🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
🪄 Prompt of the Day

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🗞️ Hottest News

1.🖼️ Google Launches AI Text-to-Image Tool in Search

Google's enhanced Search Generative Experience (SGE) now supports AI-powered image creation from text prompts. With responsible generation and watermarking, it paves the way for seamless user integration.

2.🧠 OpenAI Realigns its Vision with a Strong Focus on AGI

OpenAI refreshes its core values, making artificial general intelligence (AGI) their primary objective, aiming to develop systems that can outperform humans in valuable tasks.

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3.⚖️ Google Shields Generative AI Users from IP Worries

Google Cloud actively protects its Workspace and Google Cloud users from potential copyright claims related to generative AI, offering peace of mind for creators and professionals alike.

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4.💰 OpenAI's Stellar Revenue Growth Dominates the AI Market

OpenAI's financial rise, buoyed by ChatGPT, reaches a $1.3 billion annual rate, illustrating the influential prowess of large language models in modern enterprise.

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5.🚦 Google Tackles Traffic Woes with Project Green Light

Google's AI-driven Project Green Light leverages Maps data to optimize traffic light timings, easing commutes and championing eco-friendliness globally.

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📚 How To

How to Create Videos from Images using AI:

  1. PAA - Easy Image Animation: Visit the PAA website. Click "Join Beta" and log in with Discord. Choose a channel, enter "SL create," upload your image. Describe the animation you want and press Enter. Download your video.

  2. Genmod.ai - Stunning Time-Lapse Animation: Go to Genmod.ai and click "Get Started." Upload your image and describe the animation in captions. Use the brush tool to select the animated area. Generate a video of up to 12 seconds. Download your animation.

  3. Kaiber.ai - Professional Animation: Visit kaiber.ai and click "Start Free Trial." Log in and upload your image. Describe your video subject and style. Customize video settings (Pro Plan for longer videos). Generate and download your video (10 seconds in the free plan).

  4. Runway ML - Immersive 3D Videos: Go to Runway ML and click "Image to Video." Upload your image and click "Generate." Customize your 4-second video. Add music for an immersive experience.

  5. Did - Talking AI Avatars: Visit Did.com and log in with Google. Create a video with a default or uploaded image. Enter text, choose a voice, and generate your video. Optionally, upload audio for more customization.

  6. Pictory - Script to Video: Go to pictory.ai and sign up. Select a template and format. Add a URL or paste your script. Customize visuals, music, and voiceovers. Download your video (3 free videos daily).

  7. Lumen5 - Professional Text-to-VideoL Visit Lumen5.com and choose a template. Paste your script or import a URL. Customize visuals, audio, and voiceovers. Download your video (with a credit scene in the free plan).

  8. Steve.ai - Text to Animation: Go to Steve.ai and click "Start." Enter your script, choose a design style. Customize scenes, characters, actions, and music. Preview and edit your video. Publish and download your video (720p in the free plan).

🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI

AI Tools for Content Creation: Together, these tools are game-changers for individuals and businesses aiming to optimize their content creation and management processes.

Propel your content creation with WriteMe.ai, an AI tool designed to transform your raw ideas into polished, compelling copy. This platform is a treasure for anyone striving to produce high-quality and engaging content with minimal exertion.

Supercharge your content generation process with ContentBot, an AI-powered assistant that rephrases and enhances your material, ensuring your content is always fresh and engaging. Additionally, with its effective project management feature, you can stay organized and on track with your writing projects.

Accelerate your content production and distribution with Postly's suite of AI tools. With capabilities like AI writer, chat, art, and a hashtag generator, this platform is a game-changer for brands aiming to optimize their content's reach across multiple social media platforms.

🪄 Prompt of the Day

Plan Your Marketing With ChatGPT:

Give me the plan of action for marketing [product] with [budget]. Display all your insights in a table with the headings: Type of marketing, Platform, Target Audience, Budget, Confidence level on the Strategy, Tips to enhance the result.

Product = [Insert here]

Budget = [Insert here]

You should get an answer similar to this:

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