Google's Bard Integrates with Apps & TikTok Labels AI Content

Dive into Google's Bard and its new cross-platform capabilities, plus TikTok's move to label AI-generated content. Your monthly dose of must-know AI news.

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Google's Bard, Your All-In-One AI Collaborator
瘀 TikTok Introduce a way to Label AI-Crafted Content
妞 AlphaMissense - AI's Leap in Genetic Research
OpenAI Seeks Experts for Red Teaming
∴ Microsoft's Data Blunder
How To Translate Videos using AI
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. Google's Bard, Your All-In-One AI Collaborator

Google's Bard is revolutionizing AI collaborations by integrating seamlessly with Google's suite of apps and services. From Gmail to YouTube, Bard fetches relevant info and even verifies facts, all within a single conversation thread. The tool now also offers features in multiple languages.

2.瘀 TikTok Introduce a way to Label AI-Crafted Content

TikTok is enhancing transparency by introducing labels for content generated through AI. The platform will also rename AI-driven filters and effects and requires creators to disclose any AI involvement. Non-compliance can lead to content removal. This move aims to keep users informed in an era of increasingly AI-generated viral trends.

3.妞 AlphaMissense - AI's Leap in Genetic Research

AlphaMissense, a new AI tool, is offering groundbreaking accuracy in classifying the effects of missense variantsgenetic mutations. With the power to outperform existing methods, the tool aims to revolutionize the diagnosis of rare genetic disorders and the discovery of new disease genes.

4. OpenAI Seeks Experts for Red Teaming

OpenAI is enlisting domain specialists for its newly launched OpenAI Red Teaming Network. The initiative aims to rigorously evaluate AI models to guide the development of safer AI technologies and policies. OpenAI seeks a diverse pool of experts for this collaborative effort.

5.∴ Microsoft's Data Blunder

Microsoft recently faced a security hiccup when it inadvertently exposed sensitive data during open-source data sharing. The incident, which was promptly addressed, serves as a stern reminder for stricter security protocols in AI R&D.

How To

How To Translate Videos using AI:

  1. Access HeyGen Labs: Visit the HeyGen Labs website.

  2. Upload Your Video: Click on the "Upload" button. Select the video file you want to translate.

  3. Choose Target Language: Select the language you want to translate your video into. For example, choose "German."

  4. Submit the Video: Confirm any required credits or settings. Click "Submit" to begin the translation process.

  5. Wait for Translation: The AI will process your video. This may take some time depending on the video's length and complexity.

  6. Review the Translated Video: Once the translation is complete, preview the translated video. Check the quality of the translation and the accuracy of the subtitles.

  7. Download the Translated Video: If you're satisfied with the translation, click the "Download" button. Save the translated video to your device.

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