ChatGPT Meets Canva & Why 50 States Plead for AI Safety Urgently

OpenAI joins forces with Canva to unlock creative potential, while U.S. attorneys general call for an AI ethics commission. Dive in for this month's hottest AI news.

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儭 ChatGPT + Canva - The Ultimate Visual Creation Kit
Zoom's AI Companion, Revolutionizing Remote Work
The Future of Hearing Aids is Multilingual
Mujin - $85M Magnet in Industrial Automation
儭 AI & Child Safety
How to Web Scrape with ChatGPT Code Interpreter
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儭 Hottest News

1.儭 ChatGPT + Canva - The Ultimate Visual Creation Kit

OpenAI has teamed up with Canva to make your visual creativity flow like never before. This special feature is only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and aims to keep OpenAI at the forefront of the AI revolution. They're pulling out all stops, even after parting ways with a previous Microsoft Bing feature over paywall concerns.


2. Zoom's AI Companion, Revolutionizing Remote Work

Zoom introduces a complimentary AI Assistant, "AI Companion," to its paid subscriber base. This multi-faceted helper aims to elevate your Zoom experience by enhancing productivity, streamlining collaboration, and even helping compose emails. The AI Companion symbol is now a permanent fixture on Zooms Meeting and Team Chat controls.


3. The Future of Hearing Aids is Multilingual

AI takes hearing aids to the next level with real-time language translation features, aiming to destigmatize hearing loss. This transformative tech could potentially pave the way for future health monitoring functionalities, showing that AI offers 'superpowers' without undercutting human intuition and empathy.

4. Mujin - $85M Magnet in Industrial Automation

Japanese-American startup Mujin has secured $85 million in Series C funding to further their mission of overcoming labor shortages in the manufacturing sector through intelligent robot software. Their technology is transforming processes like palletizing and piece-picking, showing the world that robots and humans can indeed work in harmony.

5.儭 AI & Child Safety

A unanimous call from U.S. attorneys general urges Congress to form a commission examining AI's dark side specifically, AI-generated child abuse material. While other nations take steps towards AI governance, the U.S. lags behind, emphasizing the need to protect the vulnerable in our tech-driven world.

How To

How to Web Scrape with ChatGPT Code Interpreter

  1. Choose a Website: Select the website you want to scrape. In this example, we'll use Amazon and Glassdoor.

  2. Save as HTML: Open the webpage, press Ctrl + S (or Command + S on Mac), and save it as an HTML file on your computer.

  3. Access ChatGPT Code Interpreter: Go to the ChatGPT Code Interpreter platform.

  4. Upload HTML File: Use the "Upload" button to upload the HTML file you saved. ChatGPT will analyze this file.

  5. Compose the Prompt: Create a prompt to instruct ChatGPT on what data to extract. For example, "From the HTML file, look for elements with the ID:"

  6. Specify Elements: Specify the elements you want to extract, such as product names, prices, company names, job titles, locations, and salaries. Use unique identifiers like IDs, classes, or data attributes.

  7. Deal with Missing Data: To handle missing data gracefully, instruct ChatGPT on what to do. For instance, "In case the price/salary is missing, just leave that field as new data."

  8. Start Processing: Send your instructions to ChatGPT for processing.

  9. Review Output: ChatGPT will extract the requested data from the HTML file and format it into a table.

  10. Download Data: Download the extracted data in CSV format.

  11. Repeat for Multiple Pages (Optional): If the data spans multiple pages, repeat the process by saving each page as an HTML file and uploading it. Combine the data from all pages.

  12. Verify Data: Check the downloaded CSV file to ensure the scraped data is correct.

  13. Fine-Tune Prompts: If data isn't correctly extracted or duplicates occur, fine-tune your prompts to guide ChatGPT more accurately.

  14. Experiment and Share: Explore other websites and practice web scraping. Share your experiences and successes in the comments.

  15. Adjust for Different Websites: Keep in mind that web scraping may vary depending on the website's structure, so adapt your prompts as needed.

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