Chatbots Craft Software in Minutes & Coke's AI Flavor Revolution

Discover how AI chatbots are rapidly crafting software and how Coke is using AI to brew a new Gen Z flavor.

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AI Chatbots Build Software in Under 7 Minutes for Less Than $1
奶 Coke's AI-Whipped Elixir
儭 Tech Giants Pledge to White House AI Safety Accord
Google's $20M Ethical AI Investment
儭 Salesforce's AI Copilot
How to Create a Cartoon Video Using AI
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. AI Chatbots Build Software in Under 7 Minutes for Less Than $1

AI chatbots, notably ChatGPT, have showcased their proficiency by developing software in less than 7 minutes for less than a dollar. A conceptual study saw these chatbots not only act but effectively execute roles in a make-believe software company called ChatDev, raising serious questions about future human-AI collaboration in software development.

2.奶 Coke's AI-Whipped Elixir

Coca-Cola ventures into a territory untouched by tradition. Using AI algorithms, they've formulated Coca-Cola Y3000, a limited edition flavor targeted at the Gen Z market. It's not just the tasteAI even sketched out the packaging. A trendy fashion collaboration adds the final touch to this innovative soft drink.

3.儭 Tech Giants Pledge to White House AI Safety Accord

Adobe, IBM, and Nvidia are among the key players now committed to the White House AI safety accord, emphasizing a collective responsibility for AI's societal impact. These corporations are eager to share risk management strategies and subject their AI algorithms to internal and external scrutiny, promising a future where AI can be both groundbreaking and accountable.

4. Google's $20M Ethical AI Investment

Google pledges a solid $20 million into a fund aimed at nurturing responsible AI development. Partnering with organizations such as the Aspen Institute and MIT, Google aspires to solve societal problems while keeping AI ethics in check.

5.儭 Salesforce's AI Copilot

Salesforce unveils its new AI assistant, Einstein Copilot, across its CRM apps. Designed to bolster productivity in various business sectors like sales, marketing, and customer service, Einstein Copilot is already making waves with enterprises such as AAA and Heathrow Airport.

How To

How to Create a Cartoon Video Using AI

  1. Craft Your Story: Begin with an intriguing narrative, limited to 200 words for this tutorial. Use tools like ChatGPT to generate a captivating story.

  2. Leverage Steve AI: Sign up for a Steve AI account. Visit the creator page, where you'll transform text into videos.

  3. Choose Video Type: Select "Text to Animation."

  4. Set Video Parameters: Choose the video ratio (e.g., 16:9 for YouTube). Pick a relevant category and create a catchy title.

  5. Generate a Sample Script: Use Steve AI's sample script feature.

  6. Paste Your Story: Paste your adventure story into Steve AI.

  7. Select a Template: Choose an animation template provided by Steve AI.

  8. Scene Editing: Review and modify scenes as needed. Adjust backgrounds, characters, or objects to align with your story.

  9. Voiceover Options: Decide whether to record your voice or use Steve AI's voice generation. Select language, accent, and gender for the voiceover.

  10. Generate Voiceover: Use Steve AI to generate a voiceover based on your script. Preview and ensure it aligns with your story.

  11. Publish Your Video: Click "Publish" to start processing your video.

  12. Download Your Video: Once processing is complete, download the final animated video.

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