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September's hottest AI news! Discover how Google's AI could attend meetings for you, and explore Microsoft's mind-blowing AI backpack concept. Don't miss out!

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How Google Meet's Duet AI Can Make You More Productive
Microsoft's AI Backpack - A True 'Back' to the Future Concept
Can ChatGPT Become the Classroom's New Tutor?
Google at 25 still Searching for the Future in AI
IBM and Salesforce Partner to Accelerate AI Adoption in CRM
How to Create Google Slides Presentation Using AI
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. How Google Meet's Duet AI Can Make You More Productive

Remember the last time you wished you could be in two places at once? Google Meet is all set to make it a reality! The new Duet AI can join meetings for you, generate discussion points, and offer real-time notes. While this is an exciting development, there are concerns about the accuracy and potential misuse of these AI tools.

2. Microsoft's AI Backpack - A True 'Back' to the Future Concept

Microsoft is taking wearables to a new level by filing a patent for an AI-powered backpack. Imagine having a backpack that gives you contextual suggestions and even performs tasks for you! Whether this concept will see the light of day is uncertain, but it's sure an exciting possibility!

3. Can ChatGPT Become the Classroom's New Tutor?

OpenAI is envisioning a future where ChatGPT could assist language learners, create test questions, and develop critical thinking skills. While it seems promising, there are concerns about plagiarism and the ability to differentiate AI-generated content from human-generated work.

4. Google at 25 still Searching for the Future in AI

As Google celebrates its 25th birthday, there's a lot to think about, including its future in the AI space. While critics argue that Google is lagging, the tech giant is ramping up its investments in AI-driven products and leveraging its cloud business as a secret weapon.

5. IBM and Salesforce Partner to Accelerate AI Adoption in CRM

IBM and Salesforce are collaborating to accelerate AI adoption in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Combining IBM's Watson with Salesforce's AI technologies, this partnership aims to revolutionize data mapping and security in business operations.

How To

How to Create Google Slides Presentation Using AI

  1. Access Magic Slides: Visit Magic Slides website, "" and install the Google Slides plugin.

  2. Install the Plugin: On the Google Workspace Marketplace, install the Magic Slides app. Review permissions and grant access.

  3. Create a New Presentation: Open Google Slides and create a new presentation to work with.

  4. Access Magic Slides App: Go to the "Extensions" tab in Google Slides and open the Magic Slides app (GPT for Slides).

  5. Enter Prompt and Details: Enter your presentation prompt and details. Include the topic, desired number of slides, and any additional information you want to include.

  6. Generate the Presentation: Click "Generate" and wait for the AI to process your request.

  7. Preview Generated Outline: Review the generated outline that the AI creates based on your prompt.

  8. Customize Content: Modify the generated content, expand on bullet points, or rephrase to align with your preferences.

  9. Add Visuals: Add images, graphs, or visuals to the generated outline to enhance the presentation.

  10. Format and Design: Apply formatting, fonts, colors, and design elements to improve the aesthetics.

  11. Review and Adjust: Go through each slide, reviewing the content, and make any necessary adjustments.

  12. Finalize and Review: Make sure the presentation flows well, is accurate, and effectively conveys your intended message.

  13. Save and Use: Once satisfied, save the presentation in Google Slides.

  14. Proofread and Polish: Before sharing or presenting, proofread for any errors and polish the presentation for a professional finish.

OBS: if you have multiple gmail accounts logged in, you might need to logout of all but the one you install the plugin with for the app to run properly.

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AI Tools for Human Resources: these 3 tools will help you streamline HR processes, speed up hiring and onboarding, generate interview questions conduct AI interviews.

Leena AI is an enterprise virtual assistant created to revolutionize employee experiences. With Leena AI, every step of the journey from onboarding to offboarding and beyond can be effortlessly managed while simultaneously accelerating HR service delivery.

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