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Launching AI Creativity
∴ AI's Ethical Battlefield
儭 Our Unique Fingerprint Myth
剁 Work Smarter with AI Copilot
儭 Home Security Gets Smarter
How To Create Mind Maps and Flowcharts in ChatGPT
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. Launching AI Creativity

OpenAI sets the stage for a vibrant ecosystem where developers can bring their creativity to life by selling custom AI apps, akin to the mobile revolution. Amidst this innovation, they contemplate the legal nuances of AI-powered decisions.

2.∴ AI's Ethical Battlefield

In a pivotal policy update, OpenAI greenlights the use of its tech for national security, sparking a conversation on AI's role in warfare and beyond. This nuanced embrace of AI stresses the importance of balancing advancement with ethical responsibility.

3.儭 Our Unique Fingerprint Myth

Columbia University's AI study reveals that our fingerprints may not be as unique as we thought, challenging a long-standing forensics belief. This groundbreaking analysis opens doors to redefining biometric security and solving cold cases with a touch of tech.

4.剁 Work Smarter with AI Copilot

Microsoft revolutionizes workflow with a pioneering "Copilot" key, integrating OpenAI's powerhouse GPT-4 into the everyday office suite. This leap represents Microsoft's commitment to embedding AI into the fabric of productivity.

5.儭 Home Security Gets Smarter

Under the strategic leadership of Liz Hamren, Amazon's Ring pushes the boundaries of AI-enhanced home security. With a focus on privacy and innovation, Ring's growth reflects the evolving narrative of intelligent security solutions in our homes.

How To

How To Create Mind Maps and Flowcharts in ChatGPT:

  1. Activate AI Diagrams Plugin

    • Open ChatGPT and select the "Plugins" option in the upper left corner.

    • Activate the "AI Diagrams" plugin, which allows you to create mind maps, flowcharts, and diagrams.

  2. Install AI Diagrams Plugin (If Not Visible)

    • If you don't see the AI Diagrams plugin, go to the plugin store at the bottom of the plugin box.

    • Search for "AI Diagrams" (formerly Whimsical Flowchart) and install it.

    • Enable the plugin by checking the checkbox.

  3. Customize ChatGPT for Specific Tasks

    • Access the "Custom Instructions" option in the sidebar under your name.

    • Choose a relevant persona for your task (e.g., Content Strategist for generating content ideas, AI Machine Learning Engineer for explaining processes).

    • Copy and paste the persona details into the respective sections to make ChatGPT think and respond like a professional in that field.

  4. Compose a Clear Prompt

    • Create a clear and structured prompt using the GCA (Goal, Context, Action) sequence.

      • State your goal (e.g., "I need help thinking of video ideas for my YouTube channel").

      • Provide context (e.g., "I am in the artificial intelligence Niche, and my best videos are on applications like ChatGPT and mid-Journey").

      • Specify the action (e.g., "Help me create a 30-video idea tree diagram that dives into different categories and unique video ideas").

  5. Send the Prompt

    • Send your well-structured prompt to ChatGPT.

  6. Generate the Diagram

    • ChatGPT will use the AI Diagrams plugin to create a mind map or flowchart based on your request.

    • Wait for ChatGPT to complete the diagram generation, which usually takes around 30 seconds.

  7. View and Edit the Diagram

    • ChatGPT will provide a link to view or edit the diagram in Whimsical.

    • Click the link to access the diagram, where you can make further modifications or save it to your computer.

  8. Use the Diagram for Your Purpose

    • Depending on your initial goal, you can now use the mind map or flowchart for various tasks, such as content planning, process visualization, brainstorming, or idea organization.

  9. Customize and Revise (Optional)

    • If needed, you can customize the generated diagram by editing it within Whimsical. This allows you to add details, change colors, or expand on specific sections.

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