AI Revolution: Saudis Bet Big, Nvidia Redefines Computing

Dive into the latest AI strides with Saudi's $40B fund, Microsoft's AI push, and Nvidia's game-changing GPUs.

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Saudis' Strategic AI Leap
Microsoft's AI Vanguard
Big Tech's AI Dominance
Nvidia's Supercomputing Breakthrough
Apple Sharpens AI Edge
How To Web Scraping with ChatGPT Mentions
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儭 Hottest News

1. Saudis' Strategic AI Leap

Saudi Arabia is in discussions with Andreessen Horowitz about a $40 billion fund to turbocharge AI ventures, demonstrating its commitment to redefining the economy beyond oil.

2. Microsoft's AI Vanguard

Microsoft's DeepMind coup underscores the AI landscape's shift towards tech behemoths, but niche startups may yet find their footing by tapping into the giants' AI prowess.

3. Big Tech's AI Dominance

Microsoft's DeepMind coup underscores the AI landscape's shift towards tech behemoths, but niche startups may yet find their footing by tapping into the giants' AI prowess.

4. Nvidia's Supercomputing Breakthrough

Nvidia introduces Blackwell GPUs, a tech marvel that promises to catapult AI efficiency, with industry juggernauts lining up to harness this next-gen computational power.

5. Apple Sharpens AI Edge

Apple advances its AI frontier with DarwinAI's acquisition, while Nvidia eyes Run:ai, showcasing a vibrant AI ecosystem brimming with mergers and hefty investments.

How To

How To Web Scraping with ChatGPT Mentions:

  1. Install GPT Mentions: Open the sidebar, go to "Explore GPTs," and install the Scraper and Data Analyst GPTs.

  2. Connect GPTs: Start a chat with each GPT, save them, then start a new chat. Mention the Scraper GPT.

  3. Provide Website Link: Paste the link of the website you want to scrape data from. You can specify multiple pages if needed.

  4. Define Data to Scrape: Specify the data you want to scrape, like tables or specific information from the website.

  5. Execute Scraping: Send the prompt and let the Scraper GPT extract the data. You can verify the extraction.

  6. Export Data: Mention the Data Analyst GPT, then request to export the extracted data as a CSV file.

  7. Download Data: Receive the link to download the CSV file containing the scraped data.

  8. Additional Options: Explore other combinations of GPTs for various data extraction needs.

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