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AI's Green Power Play
Eagle 7B: Linguistic Leap Forward
毬lphabet's AI: Revenue Rocket
Cool Tech for Hot Chips
Microsoft's AI: Skyrocketing Success
How to Install and Use AI Facetuning
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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儭 Hottest News

1. AI's Green Power Play

Generative AI's energy appetite could rival Spain's by 2027, but there's a silver lining. Morgan Stanley reports AI could revolutionize grid efficiency and reduce emissions, sparking a clean energy renaissance and rallying a call to action for renewable investments.

2. Eagle 7B: Linguistic Leap Forward

Eagle 7B, the AI multilingual maestro, soars high with 7.52 billion parameters, eclipsing competitors in 23 languages. Its a boon for global communication with its efficient, scalable architecture, available to all under the Apache 2.0 license, ready to embrace linguistic diversity.

3. Alphabet's AI: Revenue Rocket

Alphabets AI propels subscriptions fivefold, with YouTube and Google Cloud hitting the $15 billion mark. AI innovations boost ad revenues and product growth, offering businesses, especially SMBs, a competitive edge in digital advertisinga testament to AI's lucrative pulse.

4. Cool Tech for Hot Chips

AIs sizzling servers spark innovation as Lite-On Technology dives into liquid cooling. Addressing AI data center's thirst for energy, the industry is now ripe for investments in ground-breaking cooling solutions, ensuring peak performance without burning through resources.

5. Microsoft's AI: Skyrocketing Success

Microsoft rides the AI wave to a record quarter, thanks to integrations like Copilot. With AI turbocharging efficiency and a bold prediction to embed AI into every PC by 2024, it redefines industry leadership, signifying an evolution in enterprise tech adoption.

How To

How to Install and Use AI Facetuning:

  1. Prepare Your Computer:

    • Ensure your computer meets the requirements, including a minimum of 8 GB of VRAM (video memory).

  2. Download Pinokio:

    • Visit the Pinokio website.

    • Choose the version for your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and download it.

  3. Install Pinokio:

    • Locate the downloaded setup file and run it.

    • Follow the installation prompts. You can customize the installation location if needed.

    • Complete the installation process.

  4. Launch Pinokio:

    • Once installed, open Pinocchio.

    • Go to the Discover page to see available AI models.

  5. Install Photomaker (AI Facetuning):

    • Click on "Photomaker" from the list of available AI models.

    • Click the "Download" button.

    • Follow the on-screen prompts to install the necessary prerequisites for Photomaker.

  6. Start Photomaker:

    • After installing the prerequisites, click "OK" to proceed.

    • Click on the "Start" button for Photomaker.

    • It will open in your default web browser.

  7. Use Photomaker:

    • Upload an image of the person or subject you want to transform.

    • In the prompt, describe the transformation you want. Use keywords like "portrait of" or "image of" followed by the subject's description.

    • Click "Submit" to generate the transformed image.

  8. Adjust Parameters (Optional):

    • You can adjust parameters like "sampling steps," "style strength," and "guidance scale" to control the output quality and speed.

    • Lowering the steps and increasing the style strength and guidance scale can speed up the process.

  9. Save Your Creations:

    • Once the AI has generated the image, you can click the download button to save it to your computer.

  10. Experiment and Enjoy:

    • Have fun experimenting with various transformations and prompts.

    • You can create artistic portraits, humorous images, or professional headshots.

妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI

AI Tools for Lead Generation and Nurturing: Turbocharge your sales process with these three AI-driven tools.

Sales Mind AI crafts personalized strategies and plans, streamlining communication channels and response templates for your prospect interactions.

Salee, an AI-powered tool, enables the creation of personalized messages for targeted audiences, driving increased conversions for marketers and sales professionals. offers an unified platform for targeted outreach with an extensive database and a suite of custom scoring and analytics tools.

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