🤖 AI Innovations Surge with Microsoft & Moonshot Funding

Discover the latest in AI advancements with Microsoft's new principles, a massive €2B partnership, and startups securing over $1 billion.

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🔍️ AI Bias Under Microscope at Google
💡 Microsoft's Blueprint for AI Access
🌐 Microsoft Bets Big on French AI
🤖 MIT Pioneers Efficient Robot Traffic AI
💰️ AI Funding Frenzy: Startups Soar
📚 How To Create Video to AI animation
🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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🗞️ Hottest News

1.🔍️ AI Bias Under Microscope at Google

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai has acknowledged the biases in Gemini AI as "completely unacceptable," stating the inaccuracies undermine user trust. An internal review is underway to address these issues and reinforce Google's commitment to accurate and trustworthy AI solutions.

2.💡 Microsoft's Blueprint for AI Access

Microsoft has announced its AI Access Principles at the Mobile World Congress, pledging over $5.6 billion for AI infrastructure and education to foster global AI innovation and responsible use. These principles aim to democratize AI while emphasizing security, ethical standards, and sustainability.

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3.🌐 Microsoft Bets Big on French AI

In a high-profile €2 billion deal, Microsoft is partnering with French startup Mistral to commercialize advanced AI language models on Azure, challenging OpenAI's GPT-4. The partnership signals Microsoft's strategic investment to enhance its cloud AI offerings and market presence.

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4.🤖 MIT Pioneers Efficient Robot Traffic AI

MIT researchers, with support from Amazon, have developed an AI model that drastically improves robotic warehouse operations. The new model predicts congestion and optimizes robot traffic, promising to revolutionize real-time operational speed and efficiency.

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5.💰️ AI Funding Frenzy: Startups Soar

Chinese AI startup Moonshot AI leads a series of successful funding rounds, with over $1 billion raised, as various sectors from autonomous vehicles to health care tap into AI's potential. This investment surge underscores the vast growth and transformative impact of AI technology in multiple industries.

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📚 How To

How To Create Video to AI animation:

  1. Choose an AI Platform: Select a reliable AI platform like Domo AI, available on Discord, offering various styles and animation options.

  2. Sign Up and Gain Credits: Register on the platform and receive initial credits to try out the service. Explore different subscription tiers for more features and credits.

  3. Access the Platform: Start a conversation with the Domo AI bot on Discord. Use commands like /subscribe to sign up, /gen to generate animations, and /slide to convert videos.

  4. Upload Video: Use the /slide command to upload your video file to the platform. Describe the scene using text prompts to guide the animation process.

  5. Select Animation Style: Choose from a range of animation styles provided by the platform, such as flat anime, Japanese anime, 3D cartoon, etc.

  6. Adjust Generation Settings: Decide whether you want the animation to be more influenced by the video source or the text prompt. Select the number of generations and start the process.

  7. Preview and Download: Once the animation is generated, preview the output to ensure satisfaction. Download the final animation file for further editing.

  8. Refine Lip Syncing: Use specialized tools like SynLabs to improve lip syncing in the animation. Upload the animation and an audio file, then download the synchronized version.

  9. Enhance with Additional Tools: Utilize other AI tools like Runway ML for background removal or Blockade Labs for HDR image generation to enhance the animation further.

  10. Import into Editing Software: Bring the animation and any additional elements into editing software like Adobe After Effects. Adjust settings, add effects, and refine the composition.

  11. Add Background and Effects: Incorporate backgrounds, lighting, and effects to create a dynamic scene. Utilize 3D models or generated images to enhance the environment.

  12. Finalize and Render: Make any final adjustments to the animation, ensuring everything is cohesive and polished. Render the final sequence for distribution or further editing if necessary.

  13. Share and Promote: Once satisfied with the animation, share it on relevant platforms or use it for promotional purposes. Encourage engagement and feedback from the audience.

🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI

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🪄 Prompt of the Day

Plan your trip using AI:

Give me an itinerary for a two-day trip to [city]: which places to visit and foods to try from morning to night, calculate the expenses with each step and give me the total budget.

City: [Insert here]

You should get an answer similar to this:

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