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Discover the next-gen AI PCs, AI Alliance’s token merge, Nvidia’s ecosystem, AI-designed antibodies, and Foundry’s AI platform.

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🧠 AI PCs: The Next Frontier
🤝 Uniting for Decentralized AI
🏭️ Nvidia Cultivates AI Ecosystem
🔬 AI's Antibiotic Breakthrough
☁️ Foundry: Democratizing AI Compute
📚 How To Generate a Website With Dora AI
🧰 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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🗞️ Hottest News

1.🧠 AI PCs: The Next Frontier

Intel's AI Summit unveils a move towards on-device AI processing with Microsoft Copilot AI set to run locally on PCs. These next-gen AI PCs, demanding NPUs capable of 40 TOPS, signal a shift to powerful AI-centric hardware, promising enhanced user experiences and marketing strategies.

2.🤝 Uniting for Decentralized AI

ASI token emerges as Fetch.ai, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol form an AI Alliance, challenging big tech with a decentralized AI network. This strategic move heralds a new era of open AI infrastructure, pushing for transparency in the blockchain and Web3 realms.

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3.🏭️ Nvidia Cultivates AI Ecosystem

At Nvidia's GTC conference, the spotlight shines on its AI infrastructure dominance, with new accelerators and supercomputers revolutionizing enterprise AI. Nvidia's platform-centric vision is accelerating AI adoption, creating an ecosphere where industries thrive on innovative AI solutions.

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4.🔬 AI's Antibiotic Breakthrough

Stanford and McMaster Universities' SyntheMol AI is a game-changer, designing antibodies to defeat drug-resistant bacteria. This cost-effective technology speeds up the discovery of new antibiotics, offering a beacon of hope in the global fight against bacterial resistance.

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5.☁️ Foundry: Democratizing AI Compute

The brainchild of ex-DeepMind experts, Foundry, secures $80 million to shake up the AI compute realm. This cloud platform is set to rival giants like AWS by making AI training resources more accessible, empowering innovation and competitive strategies for businesses of all sizes.

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📚 How To

How To Generate a Website With Dora AI:

  1. Access Dora AI Editor: Log in to the Dora AI platform and access the editor interface.

  2. Choose Prompt: Click on the Dora AI icon and select a prompt from the suggested options or enter your own keywords to generate a unique design.

  3. Generate Designs: Use credits to generate design previews based on the chosen prompt. Explore different layouts and assets generated by the AI.

  4. Select Layout: Choose a layout that best fits your preferences from the generated options. If none appeal to you, regenerate to get a new batch of designs.

  5. Convert to Editable Page: Once satisfied with a layout, spend credits to convert the design into a fully editable Dora page.

  6. Monitor Progress: Track the progress of the conversion process by clicking on the designated icon.

  7. Edit Page: Access the generated page in the editor to make further customizations and edits as needed.

  8. Publish Online: When ready, click on the "Publish" button and select "Publish Online" to turn the AI-generated page into a live website.

  9. Review and Launch: Review the published site to ensure it is functioning and responsive across different viewports.

  10. Further Editing (Optional): Explore additional editing features in Dora AI to refine and polish your website before launching it.

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