AI Evolution: OpenAI Accelerates & C3 AI's AWS Boost

Dive into the latest AI advancements with OpenAI's chip deal & C3 AI's AWS collaboration. Stay ahead with MyZone AI's insights.

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儭 Baidu's LLM Warning
C3 AI & AWS Formidable Alliance
汙 AI's Evolutionary Leap in Robotics
Airbnb's AI-Powered Travel Revolution
OpenAI's Chip Acquisition Advantage
How To Create AI History Videos
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
Prompt of the Day

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儭 Hottest News

1.儭 Baidu's LLM Warning

Baidu's CEO Robin Li highlights the risk of an AI gold rush in China, with too many duplicating large language models. He advises a pivot towards innovative applications of established LLMs, like Baidu's own Ernie, to enhance competitive edge and resource utilization.

2. C3 AI & AWS Formidable Alliance

C3 AI's stock gets a boost with the expansion of its AI collaboration with Amazon Web Services, signaling the market's hunger for advanced AI integrations. This partnership solidifies the companies' roles in spearheading AI solutions across industries, a critical pivot point in the current digital era.

3.汙 AI's Evolutionary Leap in Robotics

AI's breakthrough in evolutionary robotics at Northwestern University, led by Prof. Sam Kriegman, shows robots self-designing, cutting evolutionary design time significantly. This advancement promises to revolutionize industries by expediting scientific research and innovation processes.

4. Airbnb's AI-Powered Travel Revolution

By acquiring, co-founded by Siri creator Adam Cheyer, Airbnb joins the AI revolution to redefine the travel experience. This move highlights the company's strategic plan for AI-powered hyper-personalization in travel services, setting a new benchmark for customer engagement.

5. OpenAI's Chip Acquisition Advantage

OpenAI secures Nvidia's H100 chips to boost its AI model development, hinting at GPT-5's eminent potential. With industry giants like Nvidia, AMD, and Arm in play, the race to AI supremacy underscores the crucial need for high-powered computational resources

How To

How To Create AI History Videos:

  1. Generate the Script: To begin, either use AI Scriptwriter in Dub Dub to create a script by entering a topic like "weird facts about Romans" and customizing the generated script or transcribe an existing successful history video by copying its URL and using Dub Dub's transcription feature.

  2. Generate AI-Enhanced Imagery: Ask Chat GPT for prompts to generate images using AI image generators like Mid-Journey or Leonardo AI. These prompts will align with your script and maintain a consistent theme throughout your video.

  3. Generate Voiceover: Use Dub Dub to create a voiceover for your video. Input your script, select a character, and mode (e.g., Chat Mode), and then preview and adjust the voiceover as needed.

  4. Video Editing in Cap Cut: Import your AI-generated images, voiceover, and background music into Cap Cut. Adjust the aspect ratio of images to 9x16 for vertical video, sync images with the voiceover, and cut out pauses. Apply effects and transitions to enhance visual appeal, matching the narrative. Consider using zoom, pan, and transitions between scenes. Add sound effects if they enhance the storytelling.

  5. Add Music and Captions: Include background music that complements the video's emotional impact, adjusting the volume accordingly. Generate automatic captions within Cap Cut for accessibility and to improve viewer engagement.

  6. Export: Discreetly add your channel branding to the video and then export the final video.

妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI

AI Tools for Improving Website Performance and User Experience: Explore these 3 cutting-edge tools that can elevate your website's performance and enhance user experience. Discover the power of optimization, AI-powered support, and video integration to create a seamless digital environment. Streamline your website elements, test variations for optimal results, and captivate your audience with engaging video content.

AI-powered chatbot platform for improved website user experience. Features include 24/7 customer support, personalized recommendations, and automated responses to FAQs.

AI-powered experimentation platform to enhance website performance and user experience. Offers A/B testing, multivariate testing, and personalization.

Next-gen AI-powered video platform for seamless integration on your site.

Prompt of the Day

Review Digital Product or Marketplace with VisionGPT

With the Vision feature, ChatGPT can provide visual analysis for your business. It could be your social media, newsletter, or even product packaging. The use case we have applied the most at White Rabbit has to be analyzing digital products, webpages and eCommerce. For this, you will need ChatGPT Plus

Start a new chat under the GPT-4 tab. Next to where you would add your prompt, you will find an image icon.

Click and add the image you want an analysis of. Your website, app, product, eCommerce, etc. If you add visual cues to the image, the Vision feature from ChatGPT should have an easier time analyzing your product.


You're an expert UI/UX designer and product manager. Analyze the following web app screenshot of [your product/ecommerce], review it using heuristics as a framework, and propose improvements in order to [objective].

You should get an answer similar to this:

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