Adobe's AI Revolution & ElevenLabs' AI Dubbing Breakthrough!

Dive into Adobe's AI innovations and ElevenLabs' game-changing AI Dubbing. Plus, energy alarms in the AI world!

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Adobe Boosts Creative Suite with 3 New AI Models
ElevenLabs Breaks Language Barriers with AI Dubbing
ChatGPT App, A Revenue Milestone, but Growth Decelerates
AMD Buys
AI's Growing Appetite: Energy!
How to Automate YouTube Shorts with AI
妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI
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1. Adobe Boosts Creative Suite with 3 New AI Models

Adobe is on fire with its three new generative AI models - Firefly Image 2, Firefly Vector, and Firefly Design. Enhancing tools like Illustrator, Adobe Express, and upgrading Photoshop, creatives can now achieve higher quality outcomes, make stunning vector graphics, and use AI-generated templates. Adobe's added safeguard? Anti-abuse and copyright measures to ensure ethical use.

2. ElevenLabs Breaks Language Barriers with AI Dubbing

ElevenLabs introduces AI Dubbing, translating video and audio content into over 20 languages. It not just translates, but retains the authenticity of the original speakers voice, paving the way for a truly global content era.

3. ChatGPT App - A Revenue Milestone, but Growth Decelerates

ChatGPT's mobile app is celebrating a $4.58M revenue record for September, even as its growth curve starts showing signs of plateauing. Interestingly, the US market forms the lion's share of this revenue pie.

4. AMD Buys

AMD's AI game is getting stronger. With the acquisition of, known for tailoring AI software to high-performance gear, AMD fortifies its position in the ballooning AI chip arena, ready to go head-to-head with giants like Nvidia and Intel.

5. AI's Growing Appetite: Energy!

There's a power surge in the AI realm, literally! The electrical demands of AI, particularly models like ChatGPT, could soon rival those of small countries. It's a call for the industry to ponder: How sustainable is our AI growth trajectory?

How To

How to Automate YouTube Shorts with AI:

  1. Conceptualize Your Channel: Decide on the content niche for your YouTube Shorts channel. Define your channel's name and purpose. Example: "Learn to Code in 60 Seconds." Plan to create short educational videos on specific topics.

  2. Prepare Your Script with AI: Choose a topic/module for your video, e.g., "Learning HTML basics." Use an AI tool like ChatGPT or similar to generate a 60-second script. Refine the generated script for clarity and your speaking style. Optionally, consider using AI-generated voiceovers or record your own.

  3. Create Videos with AI Video Editing: Sign up for an AI video editing platform like InVideo (or your preferred tool). Select a video template that suits your content style. Copy and paste your script into the template. Customize text size, images, and video clips to match your content. Adjust background music or sound effects as needed. Export the video in 1080P format.

  4. Set Up a YouTube Channel: Create a new YouTube channel dedicated to your Shorts content. Add a channel description and banner to make it visually appealing.

  5. Upload and Optimize Videos: Upload your AI-generated YouTube Short videos to your channel. Optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags for SEO. Schedule video releases to maintain consistency. Promote your Shorts on social media and other platforms to attract viewers.

  6. Analyze and Adjust: Monitor your YouTube Shorts' performance using YouTube Analytics. Analyze views, watch time, and audience engagement. Make adjustments to your content based on viewer feedback and data.

  7. Consistency and Growth: Continue to create and upload regular Shorts to build an audience. Interact with your viewers by responding to comments. Collaborate with other creators to increase visibility. Stay up-to-date with AI advancements for content creation.

妍 AI Tools presented by MyZone.AI

AI Tools for Automation: Explore the ways in which these three tools can enhance productivity for you and your team by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. Seamlessly integrate various tools and establish workflows to be executed periodically, with the added assistance of ChatGPT in some cases!

Integrate your essential work applications into workflows and automate tasks directly within the interface of ChatGPT. You can ask ChatGPT to perform any of the 30,000 actions available on Zapier.

AI automation platform that can replace repetitive tasks. It offers multiple integrations with your favorite apps and provides hundreds of pre-built playbooks for you to choose from and set up!

Instant AI automation for your team across more than 1,000 applications.

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